scientology beliefs xenu Can Be Fun For Anyone

Scientology can be a workable system. In fifty thousand years of history on this planet on your own, Male by no means advanced a workable system. It can be doubtful if, in foreseeable history, He'll at any time evolve A different. Gentleman is caught in a huge and complicated labyrinth. To obtain from it involves that he Keep to the carefully taped route of Scientology.

We’re not actively playing some small game in Scientology. It isn’t cute or a little something to carry out for lack of a little something better. The whole agonized way forward for this planet, every single Guy, Female and Child on it, along with your own Future for the subsequent countless trillions of yrs depend upon what you are doing listed here and now with As well as in Scientology.

You will discover individuals that did the original OT VIII who assert This can be real. Frankly, I don’t Consider it really issues, but I am curious about what prospects you for the summary it's faked and in many cases tongue-in-cheek? What is so way more outstanding about this than what is published in Hubbard’s personal hand about OT III? Equally, to non-believers, might be equally insane.

I thought LRH wasn’t dead, but just on One more world continuing his get the job done….so He's useless and resting in peace?

The only real ‘cognition’ I desired in Scientology was realizing that The complete matter was practically nothing more than a mental build of L.

Scientologist Believe U can Handle your life & everything close to it get giving praise on scientology beliefs alcohol the Damn universe. i just acquired one thing to state about that. Allows see U guys stop this New World buy, plagues, earthquakes, tornadoes & quit Jesus from returning to this earth.

I hope you'll be able to go to the trouble to Get in touch with me at 850 628 3828, I am only one african American full time employed Dad And that i am in search of some Perception really in life which is way outside of the intellect set and or ignorance of scientology beliefs creation the standard African American Church. I look forward to speaking with you.

You will scientology beliefs disabilities find there's LOT of use of this symbology by Hubbard. The addresses of the books he made, the colors he made use of, the dress of the figures was all based upon his Strategies about the “R6 bank” And exactly how to manage men and women.

But there are a few very unique variations that place Scientology on a completely distinctive aircraft, which you have aptly identified as out.

Now I could Provide you Significantly with the symbolism and the like which matches together with this but you discover it recorded. This, of course, guy responds to an exploding volcano [shows a DMSMH book front cover, that's an exploding volcano]. He responds to that. He understands that.

Once more, it commences with an “suitable fact” – “the cross has extensive been a image used by male along with the scientology cross has eight points to characterize each of the dynamics.”

No other religion forbids ANY Make contact with with shunned customers, or puts a person’s own membership, and connections with a single’s very own family, in danger for having any Make contact with with disaffected family associates.

Each individual fantastic scientologist religiously follows the terms of L. Ron Hubbard who dictated that scientology is the sole route.

We have been heading within our Culture, within our culture in our world to a far more inclusive, tolerant and accepting character.

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